10 Ways to Kill the Day

Have you watched daytime TV? Had a nooner? Tell me the ways you kill the day. (If you can’t think of 10, I’ll take whatever you’ve got.)

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Top 10 Ways Girl On the Brink Kills the Day

10. Think about which comes first—a boyfriend or a job.

9. Think about sailing around the world on a luxury cruiser.

8. Fantasize about being a reporter on the Jay Leno show.

7. Go swimming at the new Wilson High School aquatic center.

6. Go to the gym and hope to see a straight guy.

5. Look for jobs, though I think I’m now what the U.S. Labor Department calls “unemployed and stopped looking.”

4. Have sex (in my dreams).

3. Leave the house, aimlessly.

2. Watch reality shows.

1. Work on my blog. Please “follow” me on Twitter @girlonthebrink and tell your friends!

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