Day 6 — 9 Commandments

Day 6 -- 9 Commandments

Getting fired made me as so angry. You want to stomp your feet and swear your heart out. But I’ve got to agree with more traditional career-advice columnists: You don’t want to do that, especially not online or on Facebook.

The digital breadcrumbs you leave behind your bitching live for what seems to be forever on the Internet. Call your mom, dad, girlfriend, boyfriend, anybody. The point is: Use the telephone for dissing, with one exception. You can post anonymous reviews about companies you’ve worked for on glassdoor.com.  The site promises not to divulge your personal information when you sign up for an account, which amounts to an email address. And it’s cathartic.

You can set up an extra one of those using Google gmail, which is one of the easiest free email services available. Once you submit a review, an actual human being reviews it before it’s posted live to the site.

Before my firing, I hadn’t realized how much a job becomes part of your existence and identity. It can either bring you a sense of pride and self-worth or leave you feeling as valueless as a broken zipper. Mine left me feeling unimportant, disrespected and unchallenged while I was there, and then left me high and dry. I have a family to help support.

Working for others also teaches you lessons. You should heed them on your next job. To wit, here are my 9 Commandments for Starting a New Job.

ONE: You shall keep up your network contacts, even when you land a new job.

TWO: You shall keep your office spartan, though any likeness of your children and significant other is permissible.

THREE: You shall not use company email for personal reasons.

FOUR: Remember the weekend; it is your time off.

FIVE: You shall use a flash drive for any personal computer files.

SIX: You shall not get too friendly with the HR director.

SEVEN: You shall ask the office manager to give you back your change when you lose it in the vending machine.

SEVEN: You shall you use all of your vacation time before the end of the year.

EIGHT: You shall take advantage of every possible employee benefit.

NINE: You shall keep your small-talk high level. Stick with the weather.

Hey, if you can think of one more I’ll add it in. Email me at girlonthebrink@gmail.com

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