Day 9 — Spring Broke

Day 9 -- Spring Broke“Hey,” called my ex from the kitchen. “Can I come in [your apartment]?”

Reminder: I’m living with my ex because we’re both out of work and can’t afford our own places. Lucky for the kids but not so much for hoochie coochie. My love life is in a deep recession, too.

I could hear the eagerness and excitement in his voice and thought he had heard back from a potential employer. But, no, another disaster struck—the slopes at Snowshoe Mountain Resort in West Virginia were being closed for the season because of rain. He had planned a ski weekend with the kids for spring break.

Snowshoe promised to return the cost of lodging and lift tickets, about $1,000.

He wasn’t disappointed, really. I’d say more relieved than anything else, despite having told the kids that they were going on a getaway. As the trip approached, he fretted about how he was going to get them there and what they were going to wear. The ski trip had been scheduled for last year, but he got sick at the last minute and had to rebook, so this was not a splurge at a time when $1,000 represents a greater and greater proportion of his net worth.

In the meantime, the children have outgrown their ski pants and anything else that would keep you snugly and warm—mittens, jackets, and God knows what happened to the ski hats. Days earlier, to think I had almost forked over $100 at Overstock.com to outfit them in new ski pants. What a relief for me that I didn’t, but think of the guilt if this act of God hadn’t happened. I mean, the rain, warmer temperatures. This is divine intervention.

But the fret over how he was going to drive to Snowshoe presented the biggest problem. Two months after he was let go from a contract job and less than a month before my layoff, our Audi got rammed in a hit and run. The car had been parked on the street, just minding its own business. When my ex went to retrieve the car to run an errand, he had one of those “Oh, f—k” moments when he saw that the car’s front tire had nearly been severed from the axel. The car parked in front of ours had also been hit but looked drivable. The Audi clearly was not.

I don’t know what the kids will do on their spring break. Seems kind of a shame that they can’t get a break from the cold like I did as a child when my parents took me to Florida.


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