Day 20 — Dirty Jobs

I think my ex is coming unglued. This morning, he smiled wide when he told me this neat trick you can do with TiVo and Netflix. If you’re unfamiliar with TiVo and Netflix because you’re poor (probably an extra expense you should do without), then let me explain. If you already know about them, then maybe you’re poor but want to have a conversation starter other than your unchanging job status when you meet-up with friends.

TiVo lets you record your favorite movies, cartoons (Tom and Jerry still live on Cartoon Network; you’ll have to ask your kid whether the mouse is Tom or Jerry, not that it matters.), TV shows and daytime dramas for playback at a later time, while Netflix delivers movies through your mail slot.

But wait, there’s more. Your Netflix account can now be linked to your TiVo so you can download and play back 12,000 movies on your TiVo service—anytime, which for you might be after work but for the unemployed and the retired it’s right now.

Thanks to this modern coupling of technology, I can watch, in one sitting, a whole season of the Discovery Channel’s Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe, whom I’d get dirty with anytime. Brilliant idea!

Dirty jobs are necessary but nasty jobs. If you had to name a few and guessed garbage collector, you’d be right. A garbage collector ranks 10th (yes, there are dirtier jobs) and collects about $60,000 a year, according to an article in HowStuffWorks. And you thought you had to tip the garbage man for hauling away your broken Target dresser.

Sewer inspectors, crab fishermen, gastroenterologist (think what goes on inside of you before it gets in your plumbing), plumbers and embalmers are some of the others.

But the No. 1 dirty job is a crime scene cleaner, topping out at $75,000 a year. You’d think it would pay more in high-volume crime cities like D.C., Los Angeles and New York City. The official hours aren’t bad—roughly 9-to-5 or 8-to-4 shifts, whether that’s AM or PM I can’t recall. But really, you will be on call regularly, and there’s no telling how long it will take to wash blood off family trinkets or deliver the big pieces of flesh to the medical examiner.

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