Day 80 — Living with Your Ex

My ex and I had another major blowout. It’s one of the reasons that you should not live with your former spouse. But these turbulent times alter the traditional landscape of how life moves on when there is no money to move forward with.

We argued about money, which is one of the many reasons we got divorced in the first place, though I won’t get into the others. Because we’re both unemployed, we’re too poor to find our own places. I freelance a bit, but the Internet has devalued the art of writing, not that it was a high-paying job before everyone got online and started to blog. I also had no established clientele when I returned to freelancing, something I have done before with success.

In some ways, I feel like my ex and I are working for a company—the mortgage company—as office managers. We behave like office managers but with extended responsibilities that encompass janitorial services and short-order cooking (for the kids).

We have to maintain the place, keep it stocked with stuff you can buy at Staples, such as toilet paper, water and ink for the printer; vacuum and clean the toilets when they get too nasty and buy food at the grocery store.

We take turns at these chores, but neither of us likes to answer the telephone like a receptionist because it’s usually always bad news, and who wants to hear that? When the mortgage comes due, we write a big check as if we were paying rent on office space.

The only beneficiaries are the children, and if it weren’t for them I’d rant a lot more about my current living situation. I’m just hanging on in a way that makes me feel shackled until the economy improves or a full-time job emerges.

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  1. kim says:

    Thank God you don’t have kids. I live with my ex and our 2 kids!

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