Day 146 — Cougar Hunters

Ann Says

I’m not at all interested in guys 20 years younger than me, even though I’ve heard, and this makes a lot of sense to me, that they have better blood flow.

Younger men don’t run out of energy until late in the middle of the night, and that’s one reason to recommend them. But I can’t imagine what we would talk about. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I seem to be attracting a lot of cougar hunters.

Men cougar hunters are after women old enough to be their mom. Now, if this is your kink, good for you. It’s just not mine.

Mostly, cougar hunters are gracious when being turned down, like the guy at the water park. His pickup line: “Are you a gym rat?” I said, “Yes.” He paused, and then said I had a great arms. I smiled, and both of us got swept in different directions down the lazy river. But sometimes they just keep coming after me, convinced that they can win me over.

For them, I’ve come up with a failsafe method to get rid of the persisent ones. I ask them for their last name, and when they tell me I, I hit the side of my head and say, “I’m good friends with your mother.”

They smile politely, turn their head and fumble for words. I say goodbye, and we both move on.

Moving on is something we do in life, both in the boardroom and the bedroom.

At work, the signs to move on are often as subtle as they are in a girl-boy relationship. Though, sometimes they’re not. If you’re not sleeping with your company, then it’s time to slip out the door and seek another bed. After all, how long would you stay with your significant other if your needs and desires went unfulfilled?

Sometimes, people stay in their jobs too long, making a course correction near impossible. Hindsight always gives us the perspective to glean the positive, leave behind the negative and to get back on track with our dreams.

While millions of Americans are off-track with their dreams because of the hurting economy, I, for one, stand determined to rise from the Phoenix and dream sweet dreams again.

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