Day 148 — Bow Wow

Dog WalkersYou’ve heard this advice from career counselors: If you’ve been unemployed for a while, now is the time to reinvent yourself.

Well, that’s sort of what Girl On the Brink is doing.

But I’d rather splash a drop of Yosh’s White Flowers perfume between my breasts as I type on my keyboard with a glass of pinot noir by my side than pick up dog crap, which has become a booming service in our crappy economy (sorry, the pun, but you knew it was coming).

My girlfriend swears that the only people who are doing well are people who deal with dogs, teachers and government employees. The government’s not going away, so I can understand that those people will continue to work. I can buy into teachers doing better than others. This nation has a lot of bratty kids to educate.

Then it hit me. The dog thing has got to be better than being a nanny where you’re at risk for pink eye and often suffer through inconsolable crying, spit up and diaper changes. Plus, you have to wipe the little kid’s butt, while a dog takes care of that himself.

There are a few exceptions, however. One is when the pooch escapes and runs into the street.

According to my girlfriend, that happened to her dog walker friend when a client’s dog got away. An oncoming car didn’t brake fast enough—and oops. You’re also prone to smelling like a dog because you’re around them so much. Gee, that’s not a scent Ann cares for. Then there’s all the hair, not to mention cleaning up after all that dog crap.

Speaking of crap, I recently learned from one of the many press releases I receive that you can sign up for a pooper scooper franchise business to clean up what dogs leave behind. They’re called pet waste removal services and go by the names of DoodyCalls, The Pet Butler, Pooper Scoopers and so on.

While Ann is dog friendly, she’d much rather say to the person walking down the street, “Oh, what a cute doggie.” Pat it on the head if it doesn’t look as if it’s about to lunch and snag my clothes and then go about my business.

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