Day 150 — Splurges

SplurgesLast Friday, I splurged. On a manicure and pedicure? No. New frock? Nah. A massage? Why, how did you guess. That’s the yowza right answer!

Too bad it couldn’t have been with my biker friend. I don’t want to call him my biker boyfriend, though I love the alliteration. I’m just not sure how he’d take it. Instead, I had to settle for that she-man, or at least I think he’s got a gender, mender, whatever, thing going on. Sure skinny enough.

In any event, it was great, and I’m thankful for the pleasure and his attentiveness, which way beyond the 60 minutes I paid for. But, hey, when your gluts are on the move, who’s watching the clock. Honest, everything was on the up and up.

That splurge cost me $80. Other times, I pinch pennies beyond belief. I get addicted to saving a few pennies without stepping back and doing a complete analysis. Why I behave like this, I don’ t know. Take, for instance, buying cleaning supplies. If I can save a dime, I will. I’m not nearly as cost-conscious when it comes to girly stuff, which I buy every now and then. But I’m adamant about eliminating my debt, or at least keeping it under control

Relative to someone who’s wealthy, my debt is probably half a day’s work, or interest earned on principal. But I just freak out when my credit cards get close to their max. I also had my credit limits drastically reduced, I believe, due to the landmark Credit Card Accountability Responsibility and Disclosure Act of 2009, which went into effect Thursday. The act requires credit card companies to make several changes on consumer credit cards.

While my credit could be better, I’m anal about not missing a payment, and don’t have any late charges. What dinged me is settling with my divorce attorney, whom I fired. I tell, you, that family law practice is a sham. Nowadays, you don’t need a lawyer to get you through a divorce if your assets are small, and there’s not hidden bank accounts. But back to the credit act, even people with great credit are seeing their interest rates rise.

So, I’m quite mindful of what I spend, even when I splurge. The latest splurge, besides the massage, that I’m most proud of is a J. Crew jean jacket I bought for $3.10. It was $10 at the consignment store, but I got $7.90 off because the store accepted a couple of my old clothes for resale, and I got paid on the spot.

I was, however, a bit mortified because I had brought in two Peapod bags full of clothes in excellent condition. I thought they were stylish, too. But the consignment folks said the clothes were too old. But isn’t that what vintage is all about? Evidently, not when it comes to within two years old.

Oh well, I threw the bags of clothes in a Planet Aid donation box where my clothes will be resold to raise funds for development projects, such as schools, health programs or HIV/AIDS prevention in Africa, Asia and Central America.

I feel better already.


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