Day 169 — Famous Work Couples

ANN’S NOTE: Taking the day off—check back Sunday for a fresh post. Even Ann needs a mental health day!

When God created man, he created Adam and Eve and commanded them to “be fruitful and multiply.” And, multiply they did.

Whether you believe in Adam and Eve, you cannot deny their enduring popularity throughout the centuries. They are, perhaps, the most famous couple in the history of mankind.

Their story has inspired Ann to couple up if you can’t make it by yourself. Others have. Why can’t Ann?

But she’s going to stick with the twist that has reaped huge rewards. She’s going to find her better half, not for love but for money.

Some famous work couples that leap into her mind—the singing duo of Sonny and Cher. Even after they broke up, Cher’s star still rose. But poor Sonny. That skiing accident did him in.

Since Ann’s forte is journalism, her mind swims with the idea of catching a writing teammate. Others who have done this successfully include newscasters Chet Huntley and David Brinkley, political pundits Robert Novak and Rowland Evans—and—James Carville and Mary Matalin, a team that added the dimension of romance, marriage and a baby.

Famous work couples tend to compliment each other, sort of like the whole is more valuable than the parts. Would Broadway star Fred Astaire be as good a dancer without Ginger Rogers? Or would William Masters succeeded in debunking the widely held notion that orgasms originated from the cervix without Virginia E. Rogers? Ann thinks not.

The longer a couple couples, the more they tend to think alike. Come to think of it, this behavior happens in marriage, too.

Work couples also share tasks, cooperate closely and collaborate regularly throughout the day. Like a lover or spouse, you share the details of the daily trivia of your life with the person you work with.

Many of these couples are same-sex, especially the two-men variety, which leads to “bonding,” as psychologists put it.

As with relationships in the non-work world, there are jealousies and disputes and break ups and people who, for reasons ranging from intellect to body odor, never get picked by the other kids when work diads are formed.

These individuals miss the benefit of having a work spouse watching out for you and caring about what happens to you throughout the work week and potentially your career. Without one, work is more lonely and you don’t have someone guarding your back when bureaucratic wars break out. You may be vulnerable when layoffs come, but your work wife has a friend in HR.

What’s more, if two won’t do, try three. The Three Stooges remain a licensing hit with C3 Entertainment Inc. And who could forget the classic TV puppet show of Kukla, Fran and Ollie, a popular hit from the 1940s through the ’60s.

Ann’s not sure who she should coddle up to. While men abound on online dating sites, she has yet to find an online employment site that creates dynamic duos from unemployed job seekers.

But she’s sure someone will start “The Beehive” soon, at least that’s what she’d call it. With so many worker bees buzzing around, there’s got to be a queen willing to take them all in.

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