Day 176 — First Impressions

Photograph PerfectionWe, as a society, strive for perfection—an often unattainable goal that’s influenced by glamorous, brainy and athletic bodies reveled in movies, glossy check-out magazines and TV.

Where does that leave everybody else—the millions of minions who are struggling to survive the double whammy of job and love losses?

Ann’s Answer: Scrambling to perfect their resumes and free them from spelling and grammatical errors, and optimize them with career-enhancing keywords.

If only we took such good care of our online dating profiles.

Like in job hunting, first impressions count. Perhaps more in online dating because if chemistry strikes we need to deal with the sex thing and how to time the first time. In a job, we stop at the handshake.

I appreciate a dating profile that’s free of spelling errors and online dating clichés, especially the “I’m as comfortable in Ferragamos as I am in jeans” one, or something like that, and the “I’m not looking to play games.”

Gee, I kind of like chess, but I’m sure the profiler meant something else, though I have no idea what. I also wouldn’t find it comfortable to slip under my satin sheets in a pair of shoes.

Most importantly, I appreciate a decent profile picture. I’ve seen too many online dating profiles that use a site’s silhouette avatar with the message, “Ask me for my photo.”

Should I really have to ask? Don’t date seekers know that a picture is as important in an online dating profile as a job seeker’s educational background in a resume? Obviously, some men (and I presume women) just don’t get it.

You’d think that the billion-dollar digital camera industry would produce better online dating profile pitchas. If it’s not guys using their cellphone to snap a self-portrait (always a bad idea), they’re using their bathroom mirror to reflect back an image of themselves, which turns their head into a giant light flare. Really, I’m not ISO an incandescent lightbulb, even if your chest is hairy.

I also don’t want to see guys wearing sunglasses or cropping out their ex girlfriend or wife. No one does their ex justice by doing this.

I see too many cheek-to-cheek photos of happier days, with an ex’s hand over his shoulder, now cropped to display his grinning face with the remnants of her fuzzy hair near his cheek and unattached female body parts. Fingers that don’t connect to anything are especially freaky.

Some guys, however, don’t even bother to extricate the ex. They just use a Bic and scribble round blue circles over her face so no one can see what she looks like. Scan and upload. I think that points up the degradation of relationships.

As much as photos lie, it’s the effort to post a good one that counts.

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