Day 182 — Pick Me!

Subject LinesHigh open rates for email often define the success of e-marketeers. It begins with the subject line, which is the first thing a recipient sees.

They toy with length and angst over words. They strive to turn impersonal email into a personal message with words that they hope will resonate with recipients so they open the email and take action, and thus raise revenue.

Pitching yourself via email for a job and love mate also begins with the subject line, though I find there is less creativity writing subject lines for job applications as there is when introducing yourself to a stranger to date.

I generally don’t approach men online. So the online dating subject lines I’m about to share with you come from men who’ve emailed me.

But first, I’ll knock out the subject lines I’ve used for job applications when I’m so lucky to have the actual name and email address of a person to send my resume to. Unless the recruitment manager offers instructions, I think playing it safe is the best way to go. I generally type “Applicant” followed by the name of the position or job number. I never put “Pick Me.”

The subject lines I get from my online dating profile vary widely. The bland ones are a variation of “hi,” such as “hello,” “hiya,” and “hey there.” Nothing particularly special or off-putting about them.

Guys also try to connect with me on a sailing level because I point out my love for it in my profile. Some of these subject lines read: “ready to cast off the dock lines,” “ahoy mate,” and “the tiller is in your hands.” I’ve also gotten some weird subject lines, such as “mobguy.” Oh, really?

Of course, a girl always loves to hear how beautiful she is. When I see “wow,” “very cool” and “what a pretty lady,” a smile passes my lips as I click through to read the suitor’s message.

While an effective subject line is a plus, I behave more like a recruiter: I place more emphasis on the cover letter. Please write in complete sentences or thoughts. No typos, and keep it short.

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