Day 195 — What Turns You On?

VibrationsANN’S NOTE: Ann enjoys her Saturday day of rest, but she’s decided to dedicate this day to a re-post of her favorite posts. Today, she brings you Day 151: What Turns You On? And, don’t forget to check out the new jobtoon under “More to Ann,” where you’ll also find a link to last Sunday’s feature article about her in The Washington Post magazine.

Even if you don’t get caught, should you stay?

When you’re stealing photocopies off the office copier, do you get turned on? Does doing personal work on company time get you hot?

If you said yes to any of these questions, you need a mind check from Ann. Yes, step right in, and Ann will show you a better way. Turn ons are her business, and they don’t come from grabbing a few pens from the supply room.

Lately, Ann has been thinking about working in an adult toy factory. That would be a revolutionary career change, but one that she might enjoy, given she’s a firm believer in field testing products before they’re delivered to market.

I imagine that’s what employees of adult toy factories do—take home the goods and give them a good workout. I know I would.

Fun On the Job

Fun On the Job

What’s more, to be good at something new requires a certain set of skills, abilities and intelligences across eight domains, defined by Howard Gardner in his 1999 book, Frames of Mind, which introduced the theory of multiple intelligences.

Ann likes to believe that she has developed competencies in all of the eight areas: mathematical-logical, spatial-visual, bodily-kinesthetic, musical rhythmic, verbal-linguistic, interpersonal, intrapersonal, and naturalistic.

Research shows that adults involved in multiple intelligence (MI) activities broadened the parameters of their career choices. Rather than focusing on the “right fit,” learners found that the self-discovery inspired by MI added multiple dimensions to the process of career choice.

So why not consider working in an adult toy factory? One problem is that you might need to move to China since that’s where they all seem to be, even though China (too traditional) doesn’t consume much of what it makes.

The factories also don’t seem to employ a lot of people (under 50). But they sure do seem to enjoy what they’re doing. Take a tour of one.

Fu Erqiang heads the Friendship Intelligent Electric Appliance Factory, in China’s Fushun, Liaoning Province. It makes four products, and Erqiang swears by the Passionate Knight, a product equal to 10 men. Ten men! That sounds painful. Evidently you can adjust the intensity.

Besides making pleasing products, there’s a bit of intrigue involved. According to Erqiang, he doesn’t tell inquirers what he really does when they ask. He uses a cover and says he works for “the government.” Now, I like that.

After all, maybe that’s what they really do in those U.S. clandestine government operations—make sex toys. I’d use the slogan, Make Love Not War, and ship several boxes over to wherever.

Now, wouldn’t that give new meaning to world peace.


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