Day 212 — It Could Be You

pit-tootsieEmployees can make an employer look good.

But who makes the boss look good? The brownnoser.

To Ann, that’s too dull and has a pejorative ring to it. Nobody wants to be called a brownnoser.

With so much free time on her hands from being unemployed for almost a year, Ann has spent a good deal of it reinventing the brownnoser.

First, she’d change the name and associate it with a whole new persona.

That would be the pit-tootsie—sexy, contemporary and dedicated to the job of making the boss (racer)  look good. She’d drive her boss to P&L victory and be behind his desire to be one of Fortune‘s “100 Best Companies to Work For.”

There’d also be no more Laura-Ashley look. Forget below the knee, high collars and flats. You wouldn’t need to hide your body—or status—as a pit-tootsie like brownnosers do. Think mini-wear for maximum fun!

But wait. There’s more.

On hot-hot days, a pit-tootsie has the option of cooling her boss off by becoming an umbrella girl. Umbrella girls shade racers while waiting on the start grid. In the office, why couldn’t a pit-tootsie pull the blinds to keep the sun from slicing through the blades. Bosses can get really hot under the collar.

If a pit-tootsie decides to take her boss for a ride, such as picking up bagels and cream cheese for a morning meeting (wink, wink), she can then become a scooter babe.

Of course, that would require her to know how to ride (wink, wink).

Yes, professional motorcycle riders know how to live!

Why hasn’t Ann had this revelation before and why now (Girl on the Brink Psalm: 35—new international version)?

It’s because she keeps an open mind to the possibilities. Like you should.

When you open your mind to new opportunities, you’ll find pleasing the boss as pleasurable as pleasing yourself.

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