Day 217 — The D-List for Unemployment

Broken HeartedI’ve never been a big fan of comedian Kathy Griffin, but my opinion is beginning to change.

Griffin stars in the The D-List, which refers to her self-proclaimed celebrity status, not her cup size.

Griffin is beginning to grow on me because of her honesty with where she stands in life. She knows—and admits—that she is not a box office sensation like actor George Clooney.

Yes, well, as I was saying, Griffin’s candor resonates with me. As job seekers, what list would we be on? Certainly, anyone who’s been unemployed for as long as me—nearly a year—would fall well below The D-List. But I think the name works just fine because for the jobless it would stand for The Dumped List.

We are still a growing league, and I fear that I will slide further down The D-List in the weeks ahead.

This Saturday marks my one-year anniversary since being laid-off, and I fear that my contract job will end without an offer of full-time employment.

The thought of losing my temporary job knocks my mind back to the shabby treatment I received from my last full-time job. It has left irreparable emotional damage and fractured my belief in a familial work environment.

Nothing like that will happen this time.

The timing, however, is bittersweet because the end of my contract job, which fills me with happiness, is likely to align close to the day I was laid-off a year ago. That’s what’s making me feel edgy.

I don’t know what it’s like to work in a company that’s on a list of the best companies to work for. Even if I got a job at one, I’d still be skeptical because of lingering emotional trauma from my last job.

I applaud some of the companies on Fortune‘s list because they shifted employees to less productive offices rather than lay them off. Even reducing hours is better than no hours at all when faced with a budget crunch.

As for me, I will continue to make the best contribution I can as I seek to move on emotionally and move out of my basement apartment and into a place where I can see the flowers again from my window.

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