Day 218 — Bad Is the New Good

Bad GirlsThe one time of month I hate more than my period is when I have to sort through the monthly bills with my ex.

You’d think that the mortgage, utilities and school tuition would top the list of high-priority bills. But he always tries to maneuver the conversation to other things, such as my travel, which he characterizes as “irresponsible.”

So, Ann is traveling again. This time to Las Vegas—leaving on a plane—soon. She is, after, a bad girl, which is the new good.

Before she left, she decided to glean a few tips from a reality show she just discovered—the Oxygen channel’s Bad Girls Club.

It didn’t take long for her to breeze through the show’s site, given that each of the bad girl’s bios has been reduced to an emergency-signal of words, from “gold digger” to the “double standard” to the “control freak.”

And that pretty much sums up the show.

Each season, the series, which returns December 1, cloisters seven behaviorally challenged young women, from Kate to Flo to Kendra (sounds like a menstruation cycle), in a Los Angeles mansion.

Also sounds like many offices I’ve worked in, only much more visually stimulating. Short skirts, bolts of satin, hooker heels and come-hither looks splash the screen as mayhem and drama reigns with the girls—all under 30 months, er, years.

The bad girls even have their own creed, which Ann would love to see in an employment manual. Substitute employee for bad girl.

A [bad girl] believes in jumping first and looking later.

A [bad girl] makes her own rules.

A [bad girl] fights, and she makes no apologies.

People will love her. People will hate her.

Others will secretly wish to be her.

For Ann, what could be more bad than a trip to Las Vegas. You’ll find out what she gets into, and she makes no apologies.

Stay blogged.

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