Day 219 — Marketing Moves

Zip Code DatingThe knuckleheads at Southwest Airlines lost my luggage to Las Vegas last night—on a direct flight.

Oh, the minor inconveniences of a girl on the brink.

Traveling to Vegas has inspired new marketing ideas in Ann. All the better to nab that marketing dream job that’s going to strike her like a boxer’s left punch.

You’ll love this first one. It’s so Las Vegas. Tracker trailer truck with glass walls. Inside girls in thongs (according to the cab driver who told me) and I’m guessing some sort of top were pole dancing.

Can you guess the company’s advertising message? Oh, come now. It’s selling girls 24/7. Can you imagine? Open for as long as the Internet.

The cabbie said the promotion didn’t last long. Outlawed by the police—too many rear enders.

Even though I’m heterosexual, I would have looked, too. It’s so novel. Who needs a DVD player in their SUV when you can get live entertainment?

The other marketing idea? Hmmm. I forgot, but it probably involved something that plays off the reality of the Las Vegas strip. Feather your imagination with a show girl, and you’ll get the idea.

Yes, yes. I’m sure the outer burbs cater to the working folk—the gardeners, maids, construction workers, sales clerks and the like.

I’ll be here a couple of more days to let the experience gel like Oobleck into something I can adapt to the corporate world on my next job interview, which has got to be like 2012.

In the meantime, I’ll sit back and watch the movie, 2012, maybe even breaking one of my rules and munching popcorn.

As for my luggage, it arrived the next morning. Don’t you just love it!

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