Day 220 — When Seconds Count

30-Second AnnEverything in Las Vegas is big. Big hair, big eyes and big attitude.

Since I’m here, I’ve decided to go big. Big hair, big eyes and big attitude.

Although I didn’t get a chance to become a 30-second girl (a sponsor at last Saturday’s EnduroCross supplied them), I did get to hold up the 30-second sign before the wave of the green flag to start the off-road races.

A 30-second girl holds up the 30-second board to let the bikers know that the race is about to begin.

What a chill thrill!

But only for a few seconds.

It seems that life is increasingly being calculated in seconds.

When seconds count, I find that I really need to get my ass in gear in so many ways, from making split second decisions in a crucial sports play to accepting a date from someone I’ve met on the fly to applying for a job.

I’ve also learned that seconds, not minutes and certainly not days, count when deciding to respond to an online job posting.

I have a real recent example that proves my point.

Last week, I applied for a communications position. By the time the recruiters received my resume, more than 500 other job seekers had already lined up ahead of me with their online submissions.

The job had been posted about two weeks before I discovered it, and then I waited a few more days before applying.

That experience taught me a lesson that I should have learned months earlier. The reason I didn’t was recruiters who are uninterested in you almost never send you a personal email saying you didn’t make the cut, or if they do it’s an automated message that says the same thing.

They rarely disclose the actual number of resumes received but choose other words, such as “overwhelming.” Now I know what that means.

The lesson: Set up job alerts when you can, and email the recruiter if the job’s been posted for a while. If you simply ask whether the position has been filled, they’ll generally get back to you with an answer. No need going through the time and effort if a decision has already been made to fill a job.

Bottom line: Timing is everything.

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