Day 224 — So There

AutoAs you know, my ex and I live together. I’m not proud of that, but however difficult it has been (unbearable, at times), it has allowed our two kids to remain in the house through very tough times for both of us.

And we have no car. The family Volvo was totaled while parked on a residential street almost a year ago.

We’re single now, what with the divorce and all, and we both date.

Thankfully, he and I are both protective of our children. In the last two years, we’ve each only introduced one significant (S.O.) other to them after we’d been going out with the S.O. for about half a year.

So our kids don’t usually meet the boyfriend or the girlfriend. They do, however, often meet their cars. The kids observe our social lives by what is parked in front of our house—cars loaned to us by lovers.

My ex started this, pulling up in front of the house in a little red Mini Cooper. Cute car. I had to ask him where he got it, and he somewhat tersely answered, “girlfriend.”  He drove that around for a while.

A few months went by before I noticed a BMW sports car parked outside. “Beautiful car,” I told him, thinking he’d finally bought a new car. He looked at me and laughed. “Girlfriend,” he said.

I imagined the women that went with these cars. The first was clever and quick-witted. The other was fast, racy, definitive, maybe a little ostentatious. That they were both too young for him went without saying.

I delivered this news to my boyfriend, who has three  cars. I didn’t say it outright, but I’m sure he got the idea that to loan me one of them. The Smart Car was impractical for carpooling the kids to school.

That left the Ford Expedition and the Jaguar XKR, which he had just bought. He offered the Ford. It wasn’t ideal but would do the job and thrill the kids.

What did it say about the man that went with it?  No children, a boy in love with his toys?

I didn’t care what it said so long as when I parked it out front I could just say to my incredulous ex— “boyfriend.”

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