Day 233 — Pick Me for Living Proof!

Pick Ann as the Living Proof SpokespersonFingers crossed—again.

Ann has just auditioned to become the on-air spokesperson for Living Proof, a line of no-frizz products that the company claims uses a revolutionary technology to fight the frizzies.

If chosen, Living Proof promises to pay her a real salary, bonus and offer her stock options should the Boston-based company go public. Its founders are all guys, and it has a team of scientists, which includes a few women.

Ann hopes she’s got what it takes. According to Living Proof, it is looking for “a smart, passionate, and enthusiastic customer” to represent the company on television, the web, live in store and in PR.

Here’s my entry:


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  1. OrneryPest says:

    YAY! I’m sure you’ll win!

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