Day 238 — Just My Luck

DramaThe holiday ho hums have set in.

After being a good doobie by digging my ex’s car out of the snow last weekend, I’m now in the doghouse for a couple of minor scratches I caused when I pushed a heap of snow off the trunk with the edge of a plastic shovel.

I should have used a broom or let nature take its course to expedite the snow-removal process.

My ex is livid.

Yesterday, he was so angry he locked my computer, external hard drive, and digital and video cameras in the safe. Childish, yes. I’m now faced with putting a bolt lock on my basement apartment to prevent him from entering.

He’s always doing things like that—moving my stuff around, taking things, or placing whatever I’ve left on the main floor right in from of my apartment door.

He even buried my prescription glasses underneath a scarf on the tile floor near my door. I presume with the thought that I’d step and break them, which would have cost me more than $600. But luckily I found them first.

The incident also sent him into harassing text-messaging mode. He ran up $36 in text-messaging charges. I’ve had to eliminate the service from my phone because I can’t block just one number. It’s either all or nothing. I chose all.

I told him I’d fix his car and made a sincere effort Saturday. I spent more than $50 at the Ace hardware store in Tenleytown. I first bought a $12.99 bottle of Scratch Doctor, to no avail.

I then bought everything I could think of to buff out the scratches—two heavy duty rubbing compounds, Turtle Wax’s Color Cure Car Polish with Black ChipStick, wax finishing cloth, auto shop towels, and, God rest his soul, the Billy Mays-endorsed and As Seen On TV Fix It! Scratch Remover with a battery-operated buffer.

None of them worked!

Some of the very minor superficial scratches came out but a couple of the deeper ones, which didn’t even reach the steel frame, wouldn’t. I spent two hours trying to repair the scratches, but my ex said I just took the car to the car wash.

While I will now need to seek a professional auto paint touch-up service (any recommendations, email me), I am heartsick that I’ll need to spend money I don’t have, especially after the wad I spent on my children’s Christmas presents. I couldn’t bring myself to take their money, even though my 10- and 12-year-old had offered to buy their gifts this year.

I suppose getting the car fixed is the least of my worries and that I should heed mom’s advice: “This too shall pass.”

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