Day 242 — How Honest Is Too Honest?

HonestyI am an editor, so my job is to make writers appear more talented than they really are without wholly and completely throwing out what they’ve written and starting out all over again.

I can send things back to be rewritten, or make extensive comments. The office hierarchy presents itself again, but in a somewhat perverse and unexpected way.

If someone in the middle range of the salary ladder is extensively edited they’re likely to respond with hostility. Who am I, a lowly temp, to change what they’ve written?

They can resist changes but then, of course, they produce a product that could have been much better. The higher ups are more responsive to direction and criticism. I suppose because they are more secure in themselves and their jobs, and they are so pressed for time that they’re happy to have my help.

With them I can edit at will, even if it means dropping whole paragraphs and radically restructuring their document. They’re usually pleased with the result, and no one in the executive suite has ever taken umbrage with my suggestions.

You also learn how far you can go being less than supportive, even critical, of men. But men are quite different than working with words on a page. In a relationship, sometimes I find them loving and caring; other times their pit-bull nature rears, and all I do is just want to run away.

I haven’t yet learned to think like a man, though I’m learning, for whatever that’s worth. I learning that the essence of life for men is what stands between their legs and not between their shoulders. That it’s really that simple, and women shouldn’t probe for a deeper explanation.

If that is truly the case, then I will get on my knees and pray for an honest explanation.

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