Day 251 — Ann Gets a Job!

Ann Celebrates Her New JobI start my new job today, after 15 months of being unemployed–the longest spell of not working, except for the time-out I took to have kids.

All I can say to the employers who passed me up or never gave me the time of a phone call, here’s what you’re missing. That’s what I looked like when I celebrated my job offer. I look much more like a schoolmarm in the office.

In my new job, I’m an editor for an educational publishing company. Lots of instructional design stuff, with a dynamic international component. A small company (under 100 employees) but one that continues to grow. I commend its leadership for not laying off anyone since the start of this recession, unlike my former employer.

I’ve been temping here for the past seven months. I think I’ve been the longest temp-for-hire at this company.

I also think it’s important to note that I didn’t get my job networking, applying to a blind online ad or attending a job fair. I got it through an editorial temp agency I had registered with. [My relationship with the temp agency, however, ended a few months ago when I was allowed to directly contract with the company.]

Shortly after my position was eliminated in November 2008, I had my resume professionally redone. I can’t say it helped. Throughout my 15-month-unemployment streak, I applied to about 60 jobs and received responses from less than six. That job search only resulted in one in-person interview and two phone interviews. I think that’s a pretty sad commentary.

Some of my readers have asked me if I’ll continue Girl On the Brink. The answer is a resounding yes! Just because I got a job doesn’t mean that my troubles are over. I’ll be in the “Reconstructing Ann” phase for quite a while as I rebuild my life in dimensions that are not soley financial, though they’re a good part of it. Moreover, an online service is seeking to buy the rights to Girl On the Brink.

As I rebuild, I’m canceling my remaining government benefits—Medicaid and food stamps. Actually, I didn’t reapply for food stamps because my contract income exceeded the program’s income requirements.

My ex, however, remains unemployed since his contract was terminated right before Christmas. He’s applying for them now.

If I were truly Ann, she’d be planning her next escape to the islands. Believe me, that has been on my mind. I’d do just about anything for a plane ticket to St. Barts but will settle for an apartment with a few from the top!

Unless, of course, there are any confident men who would take me up on an escape to the islands.

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3 Responses to “Day 251 — Ann Gets a Job!”

  1. OrneryPest says:

    YAY for the new job!!! YAY for continuing your blog!!!

  2. Steve says:

    Glad to hear of this……
    Miss chatting with you!

  3. Tony says:

    I’m really happy for you as you deserved it. Hope the online sale comes through.

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