Day 255 — Work Pleasures

Snow Man Blow Job

Click on the picture for some snow pleasure.

Now that I got a full-time job, I can’t wait to get to work, even on the weekend.

No matter!

You make out of life with whatever it presents you.

This weekend, good old Mother Nature presented me with snow. Not a lot but enough to sculpt visions of a better tomorrow and maybe evening (wink, wink).

As you can see, I got to work right away. As my boyfriend likes to say, “Time is money.” I agree, from the top of my thigh highs to the bottom of my butt cheeks. [All this unemployment stuff has left me without underwear, but I haven’t had any complaints.]

Back to the snow. It changes how everything looks but not how we think.

Having to go to work in the snow makes me think that it’s going to be hard to get in and then pay attention when I’m there. I never know when one of my kid’s school might send an email alert saying that the school will close early because of the threat of more snow.

I’m also wet and uncomfortable. All that salt that’s thrown on the street and sidewalks turns snow into a big slushy that’s dirty and ugly. Makes me think of leaving early.

When I am at home, the snow lets me sculpt and give form to my desires. I think I’m talented enough to create them. Take, for instance this snow sculpture. Here’s where snow blurs the line between work and a hobby.

Moving forward in life, my work will be my hobby, or I’m going to get a new job.

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