Day 256 — Double Job Fun

Do or DareFor some girls, one guy is never enough.

For Ann, one job is never enough. Yes, Ann is looking for extra work.

While she’s thrilled to be taken off the unemployment roll, she’s got one little problem. Ann is making $20,000 less than in her last full-time job. That’s a significant drop in wages, given that her cost of living keeps rising.

How to plug the income drain guides Ann to explore quick employment opportunities. You might say she’s in an “I-don’t-know-if-I’ll-go-through-with-it phase,” but she’s applied for [fill in the blank].

Let Ann fill in a couple of them for you because she’s actually applied for them through her favorite what-the-hell-I-can-do-this-job site—craigslist. Craigslist has all kinds of goodies under the events and gig links. On a fluke, Ann applied to become a nightclub dance partner for single guys in need of eye candy. The only problem is that Ann can’t dance but maybe that’s not that important.

As with women, looks are deceiving. The website, DanceDate USA, looks good, but Ann can’t believe this site isn’t a front for hooking up hookers with men willing to pay for the privilege. You do get paid to go out, but that’s the real killer—only $20 to $25 an hour.

That’s not enough for Ann. She’s supposed to show up at the trendy Current Sushi nightclub in D.C. on February 5th for an in-person interview. Not doing it.

The other gig seems much more promising, but she imagines stiffer competition. Ann has applied to become one of the Racing Presidents for the Washington Nationals baseball team. If she gets tapped for an audition, she won’t be running in heels. That headgear is anywhere from 45 lbs. to 60 lbs.

Teddy RooseveltThe Presidents’ Race features four former U.S. Presidents, namely those found on Mount Rushmore: George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson and Theodore Roosevelt. At every home game, they run against each other during the fourth inning.

Ann is vying for Teddy, the underdog. He’s never won a race.

She doesn’t think it pays anything, but think of the publicity. You become a local D.C. celebrity. Appearances at the White House, annual Easter Egg Roll, 4th of July fireworks.

Now that’s a home run she doesn’t have to take her pants off for.

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