Day 258 — Snow Days for Ann

We got 30 inches this weekend!

On a normal weekend, I usually get about 8.

Ann Shows Off Her Best Lingerie for the Trash GuysBefore the big snowstorm hit Friday evening, I got to go home early from work. I enjoyed sipping a glass of wine and watching all the fluffy frosty flakes fall from the sky.

The next morning, I felt like Alice in Winterland—Jack Frost nipping at my toes and a whole lot more. I wanted to make snow angels.

Then, I looked outside. Horrors to find so much snow covering the walkway, sidewalk and my ex husband’s new used car. I shoveled for a good long while before I realized I needed a different strategy. Then, two strong men trudged by.

I did my damsel in distress thing. Try it girls, it really works! I got my walks cleared in no time.

I realized I needed to take out the trash and clean the kitty litter since I have a no-pets-go-outside policy in cold weather. Not enough men see my best lingerie, so I took out the trash to give the boys a show. But they were a no show. Must have been the weather, I guess.

I went back inside to do some housework, because work outside the office doesn’t stop. I feather dusted the fireplace mantel and set out some cooking in anticipation of a St. Nick reprise. But he was a no show, too.

So, I waited to see if some beeswax I had ordered to make a specialty cosmetic would arrive. This is what I wore when I saw that hunky FedEx guy brave the storm to knock on my door. I don’t know why they call that guy Abominable; he was the best snowman I ever had.

I can’t wait for the next big snowstorm to hit.

Now, tell me, how did you spend your weekend in the snow?

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