Day 259 — Snow Thoughts

Snowed UnderOne side benefit of the whopping snowstorm: I get to spend extra time to ponder the whys of the world in between drying heaps of wet clothes my kids leave on the floor after playing outside in the snow.

I also get to ponder the dos and don’ts of such things as potty behavior, especially when I’m at a restaurant or nail salon. Like so many things, it comes down to common sense with what to throw or not throw in the pot.

Common sense, unfortunately, is not an innate trait in humans like it is in animals of the four-legged variety.

Usually, the “please don’t throw feminine products” in the toilet suffices and is the standard don’t do that for female occupants. While I’m sure a woman wouldn’t throw a cardboard tampon ejector in her own toilet, I’m not sure what possess one to think it’s okay to throw one in the toilet of a dining establishment.

The Filene’s store in downtown D.C. has come up with a litany of other no-nos. The sign on the stall door lists five bullet points—paper towels, multiple seat covers, excessive toilet paper and foreign objects (like would that be a condom?), and the standard feminine products one.

My favorite, however, is the sign at the place that does my nails. It says, “Please don’t stand on the toilet seat.”

I’m not sure what would possess anyone to stand on a toilet seat unless you wanted to see what the person on the other side of the stall wall was doing, not that it would be a big surprise unless it was former Idaho Senator Larry Craig having another bathroom stall incident.

While I’ll never solve the bigger problems of the world, I can ponder the little things and speak out with authority and conviction. I think we should all do that as we find ourselves under another blanket of snow this morning.

It’s the one thing we can still control after other things in life have robbed us of our homes, jobs and relationships.


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