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This pix is really me.

Panicked, desperate and going for broke, Girl on the Brink, a professional, divorced urban mom, chronicles her day-to-day existence in the brave new, bushwhacked economy from the day she got laid-off. She writes with attitude and sardonic humor about her unemployed-for-a-living status and out-of-work challenges that present philosophical and moral dilemmas.

Her hilarious yet sometimes serious true confessions center on issues of romance, family relationships and survival. Her timely tips on learning to live with less in the land of limits also incorporate resources for readers in a similar predicament. She writes under the pseudonym Ann Powers.

Under her real name, Ann is a published author with Penguin, former nationally syndicated columnist and reporter. She was laid off before Thanksgiving in 2008 by a do-gooder organization and is still seeking full-time employment.

Publication: Girl On the Brink is published Monday through Friday.

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